Actrol Powder

Actrol Powder Is specially formulated to help minimize excess oils and fluids on the skin.


Acu-Klear is a fast acting lotion that unclogs pores and works to absorb oil. Leaving skin feeling clean and fresh.


A deep cleansing gel, Acu-Klenz works to clean out the pores without harmful benzoyl peroxide, parabens and sulphates.

Acu Masque

Ideal for people with oily skin, Acu Masque helps to clear and soothe the skin.


Acu-Mist works to replenish the skins protective moisture barrier.

Acu Moist

Some of the best treatments for acne rapidly change the pH of the skin to very low (acid) or to very high (alkaline).


A refreshing spray formulated to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Beta Gel

A signature DMK formula, Beta Gel is a powerful serum designed to revitalize, relieve and sooth the skin.

Biogen C

DMK’s ‘beauty in a flash’ crème Biogen C is great for people who want to look refreshed and youthful.

Deep Pore Pure Cleanser

Works to provide a deep clean and unclog pores in the skin or can be used as a shaving foam or make-up remove.

DMK Herb & Mineral Mist 120ml

DMK’s signature, instant delivery skin multivitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement spray that encourages active ingredients deep into the skin.

Exoderma Peel

A gentle, non-abrasive formula that works to leave the skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

Eye Tone

Encourages the skin around the eyes to function as it did when it was younger, fantastic for dark circles and puffiness.

Fine Line Crème

Is an extremely nourishing crème, that helps to rejuvenate the skin and revise lines, wrinkles and dryness around the eyes, lips and neck.

Herbal Pigment Oil

With exfoliating properties, Herbal Pigment Oil is used on darker complexions, and uneven skin tones to help even the complexion.


With the ability to hold up to 10 times its weight in water, Hydroloc is an intense rehydrating formula.

MelanoTech Crème

Works for normal to dry skin, its herbal extract formulation helps to revise uneven skin tones.

Melanotech Drops

Works to prevent and manage the look of uneven skin tone.

Milky Clean & Pure Cleanser

Is made with specific calming herbs that make it the ideal cleanser for fragile or dry skins.

Seba E

Formulated to emulate the chemistry of the natural moisturizing factors of the skin, Seba-E works to restore the skin’s natural barrier function.

Super Serum

A cocktail blend of the DMK Beta Gel & Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum – beneficial for a wide range of skin conditions including uneven skin tone, acne-prone, tired, and aging skin.